There’s an old joke about the corporate environment we work in which goes along the lines of ‘you are now entering your office – please set your watch back five years’.

Harsh, but possibly true; as communicators we’re aware that we may
have lagged well behind the curve in implementing smart technology in
the corporate workplace. Not our fault by any means but true nonetheless.
But the times are changing. The workplace of 2018 is more clearly reflecting wider society; big business is increasingly more agile and adapting to the demands of users (ie their employees).

Yes we now have up to five generations of employees to cater for but even the most traditional of those groups are expecting something more advanced than chalk and slate. And they want messages which are personal to them.

Which is why Office365 is so important. No, don’t switch off – it really does have the potential to be a game changer for communicators. Many of you will have already been presented with O365 as a ‘gift’ from your colleagues in IT, but as a gift with no instructions on how to use it.

Our experience at Sequel is that given clear instructions, communicators can really make a difference to their workplace and the lives of those who inhabit it. Our article in this issue – 7 top tips on how to survive O365 – demonstrates just how O365 can help dramatically change the way we work.

So go on, embrace the change and wind your watch forward again…


 Nick Andrews, Business Development Director, Sequel Group