The American novelist Pearl Buck said: “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation.” It’s a maxim that we in the internal communication world might adopt.

After what seems like a lifetime of being classed ‘second class citizens’ to our close relations in external communications, marketing and HR, we’re finally being recognised as a valued profession in our own right.

But while we’re being taken more seriously than ever before, could a pipeline of young talent take us – collectively – to new heights? Think of the fresh ideas and new perspective the next generation of communicators could bring (no matter how impossible they may seem to us old timers).

First, we need to get ‘down with the kids’. Work placements, graduate schemes, networking opportunities… what are we doing to encourage young people to see IC as an exciting and appealing career path? We take a closer look in ‘Time to shine’.

Meanwhile, the veterans need some attention too. Despite the British weather’s best attempts to fool us, spring has sprung and we’ll soon be halfway through the year. It’s the ideal time to take a step back and take stock.

Have you kept to those resolutions you set in the depths of January? Are this year’s communications really supporting your strategy? Answering these questions now can help you adjust your course and make improvements for the rest of the year. In ‘Judge, jury, communicator’, we look at the different ways you can get a handle on how you – and your comms – are doing.

After all, no matter your age or experience level, it’s never too late to learn. Our BRICK (Building Real Internal Communication Knowledge) training courses can put you on the right path, whether you want to learn how to measure your existing channels or a total newbie looking for a crash course in comms. Check out our measurement and IC immersion courses on


 Article by Nick Andrews, Business Development Director, Sequel Group