Talent impressario Simon Cowell has turned off his mobile for the best part of a year – and says he feels happier as a result.
The Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor mogul is at the forefront of a growing movement – that of the digital detox.

But how realistic is it to encourage – or even impose – such a communication blackout on our internal audiences?

Surely our colleagues need to be kept engaged via the various channels (including apps) now used by IC – or is information overload getting seriously out of hand? It’s one of the issues in this edition of AQ.

One thing that’s been very difficult to avoid this summer – aside from the World Cup – has been ITV2’s most successful programme ever, Love Island.

The nightly tribulations of this bunch of beefcakes and airheads have been criticised by many but scratch beneath the varnished surface and there are lessons to be learned for communicators everywhere.

Learning is another topic under the microscope in this issue; the recent launch of the IOIC’s first ever Masters in Internal Communication has put learning and development firmly in the spotlight.

And a failure to learn might lead to internal communicators being replaced by robots; the automated office is the last of our features in this issue.

Enjoy the read and have a great summer. As I write this England are on course for World Cup glory. By the time you read this we’ll be basking in the reflected glory or reflecting on another ‘what if’…

 Article by Nick Andrews, Business Development Director, Sequel Group