As 2017 draws to a close, the pace of change in our industry seems to be increasing. It seems to me that there’s a constant (and sometimes bewildering) stream of new products, tools and apps to revolutionise our lives and those of our audiences. ‘The greatest thing since sliced bread’ is now launched every day!

But if we pare back the ingenious, revolutionary channels we are using to connect with audiences to provide a wonderful employee experience, what are we actually left with?

For me, It’s still great content that makes the difference.

A fantastic story. A wonderful design. These are the hooks we need to use to grab people – it really is as simple as that.

There’s a myriad of ways for us to reach people but what then? How do we keep people’s attention?
The article on visualisation in this issue of AQ gives us one part of the answer: compelling design which cuts through the noise and attracts the reader to explore more. And our recent Aspic seminar on the corporate newsroom demonstrated the power of the written word – great stories focusing on people will always resonate with readers, no matter what channel we use.

So enjoy our articles on the shiny new things we have to play with as communicators but remember, it’s not all about the tech!

 Nick Andrews, Business Development Director, Sequel Group