Can I ask you a question? How much of this magazine will you read? Will it ‘add value’ to your daily existence or will it sit in your digital intray, winking at you occasionally demanding to be read alongside a thousand and one other things, competing with Twitter, LinkedIn and the like?

In many ways it’s a great time to tell the world about the wonderful things the internal communication industry does and the difference we can make to organisations; lots of  lovely channels on hand to get our message across and (via social media), an opportunity to make ourselves heard 24/7/365.

But is there a danger that IC is becoming too vocal? I have a suspicion that the sheer volume of content, much of it analysing the minutiae of our daily business, runs the risk of our profession becoming rather self-absorbed and inward-looking?

Of course for many years we’ve been under appreciated and some will say it’s about time we stood up for ourselves and shouted about how great we are. I guess it’s about balance. There’s a difference between communicating insight, useful information and case studies of great work and congratulating each other about our latest witty tweet/how brilliant we all are in a saccharine echo chamber!

In other words, as we constantly tell our clients, less noise?

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Nick Andrews, Business Development Director, Sequel,