Sequel is rolling out a new IC training package designed to make internal teams more effective. Whether you’re new to the world of IC, looking for a top-up, or want to hear about the latest tools and trends, it will be an exciting mix of theory and practice, delivered by our experienced IC specialists.

We’re a tight-knit team of editors, strategists, designers, and digital and video specialists who know what works and what doesn’t. We’re not just theorists; we’re immersed in devising and delivering IC every single day, so we’re able to tap in to what works, new trends, issues and thinking.

We’ll be sharing our combined skills and experience in engaging training sessions that will be tailored to each client and the skills and experiences of participants. Phase 1 includes six packages:


An introduction to IC – designed for people who are new to an IC role, this is the complete package, including why IC matters, the responsibilities of the IC team, the relationships IC practitioners need to build across the business, an overview of the key channels and how they are being used at the moment, and measurement. As part of this package, we also offer a one-to-one coaching session at a later date, to answer any questions that may have arisen, and to provide any follow-up advice that’s needed.


Making the most of your intranet – this builds on the work we’ve been doing with clients to help them relaunch or reinvigorate their intranets, and on a very popular Aspic session that we ran on this topic. We’ll cover the characteristics of a successful intranet, how to create a ‘long wow’ after launch, and how to decide whether or not social tools are right for your organisation


Platform guides – we’ll share our knowledge and experience to help participants get the most out of using communication and collaboration platforms like Yammer, SharePoint and Sitrion – or whatever you are using


Writing skills – in an IC role, it’s really important to be able to write well. Everyone thinks they know how to do it, but we can help people of all skill levels to improve by sharing some of the tools and techniques we use every day. This broad training package spans everything from structuring content to grammar, interviewing skills and the characteristics of plain English


Presentation skills – learn how to plan an effective presentation and how to create slides that combine clarity and impact. Participants will also learn a range of delivery techniques, including using the right tone of voice and body language


Storytelling – we’ll focus on what makes a good story, what we can learn from master storytellers and how to apply that theory to address day-to-day IC challenges.


If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Paul Jones to start the conversation…


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